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Python client for Isabelle server

isabelle-client is a TCP client for Isabelle server. For more information about the server see part 4 of the Isabelle system manual.

How to Install

The best way to install this package is to use pip:

pip install isabelle-client

Another option is to use Anaconda:

conda install -c conda-forge isabelle-client

One can also download and run the client together with Isabelle in a Docker contanier:

docker build -t isabelle-client
docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 isabelle-client jupyter-lab --ip= --port=8888

How to use

from isabelle_client import get_isabelle_client, start_isabelle_server

# start Isabelle server
server_info, _ = start_isabelle_server()
# create a client object
isabelle = get_isabelle_client(server_info)
# send a theory file from the current directory to the server
response = isabelle.use_theories(
    theories=["Example"], master_dir=".", watchdog_timeout=0
# shut the server down

For more details, follow the usage example from documentation, run the script, or use isabelle-client from a notebook, e.g. with Binder (Binder might fail with ‘Failed to create temporary user for …’ error which is well known and related neither to isabelle-client nor to the provided Dockerfile. If that happens, try to run Docker as described in the section above).

More documentation

More documentation can be found here.

Similar Software

There are Python clients to other interactive theorem provers, for example:

Modules helping to inetract with Isabelle server from Python are parts of the Proving for Fun project.

There are also clients to Isabelle server in other programming languages, e.g. this one in Rust.

How to cite

If you’re writing a research paper, you can cite the Isabelle client using the following DOI. You can also cite Isabelle 2021 (and the earlier version of the client) with this DOI. There also is a somewhat more complete (but unpublished) pre-print.

How to Contribute

Please follow the contribution guide while adhering to the code of conduct.